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With no meaningful state law giving North Carolinians the right to see disciplinary records of those they employ in state and local government jobs, how will we ever know?  How will we know … more
The NC Press Association 1) corrects the misinformation in NCAE's letter about the public records laws in other states (where virtually complete public access to the entire government personnel file … more
Senate Bill 355, legislation that promotes and enhances public access to the performance records of public employees, is generating significant resistance from various state organizations that have … more
North Carolina taxpayers will have access to the reasons why government employees are hired, fired, promoted, demoted or suspended if a bill proposed in the state Legislature and cosponsored by state … more
The following are all true North Carolina stories — but we never learned the whole story, or else learned it well after the fact: — A popular schools superintendent in Moore County … more
The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters (NCAB) 1 and the North Carolina Press Association (NCPA)2 strongly support the Government Transparency Act of 2021 – Senate Bill 355 – … more
The days of having government employees fade into oblivion without any mention of the misdeeds that led to their dismissal may soon be over in North Carolina if the newly proposed Government … more
Senate Bill 355 — the Government Transparency Act of 2021 — would at last allow the public to see the disciplinary files of public employees, files that have long been held in secret in … more
When it comes to offering the public access to government documents, North Carolina ranks among the most restrictive states. Its sunshine laws are better described as mostly cloudy with a chance of … more
A growing number of senators are signing on to a bill that would make more information available to the public on government employee performance. Under  Senate Bill 355 , a description of … more
Last week, many newspapers wrapped up coverage of Sunshine Week, a time set aside to promote government accountability through public records and public meetings. In North Carolina, the idea of … more
Across America, Sunshine Week is a time when newspaper editors celebrate the public’s right to see government records and attend government meetings. That makes this an especially good time … more
It’s Sunshine Week across America, a time when the public’s right to see government records and attend government meetings — in order to hold government officials accountable to the … more
When government fails, it’s the rare public official who says, “Oops. My fault.” That’s human nature, particularly for officials in the public eye who may have to run for … more
Harry Warren, the N.C. House of Representatives member from Rowan County, is among the dubious leaders early in this session of the General Assembly for most ridiculous claim. At a committee … more
One of the great things about living in the U.S. is that our city and county governments are required to keep their citizens informed about their actions. One of the ways they do this is through … more
Did you know that the local shop half a mile from the park where your kids like to play now sells alcohol? or that the prominent business in the community hasn't paid their property taxes in … more
Like a bad penny, Legislation to hide public notices from the public is back in the N.C. General Assembly. House members have filed separate bills that would allow 14 counties in the Piedmont … more
Carteret County News Times Editorial Carteret County commissioners have decided, without any public discussion, to join 12 other counties in a local bill, H.B. 51, that will allow the county to … more
For more than a decade, N.C. lawmakers have tried to pass legislation that would allow local governments to move legal and public notices out of newspapers. Those notices often contain vital … more
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