How to understand different reader types and drive each type to subscribe


A study released by the American Press Institute surveyed more than 4,000 subscribers at 90 newspapers, and results suggest there are nine different types of readers.

For readers in the topic hunters category, they care deeply about one or two topics, and if they like the publication's coverage of the topic, they will subscribe to the publication. Topics these readers care about include local and national government, business and sports.

The Press Institute suggests using analytics to find the users who read government or sports beats and targeting newsletters with those topics to faithful readers.

Another group, labeled as the locally engaged, read the news because they care about their community. The Press Institute suggests partnering with local civic-minded organizations, so newspapers can learn more about their community and readers can get more information they want.

Read the Press Institute's tips on how to appeal to all types of news consumers, from progressive consumers to coupon clippers.

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