DOJ seizure of Times reporter's data raises press freedom concerns


The Department of Justice is going after information that a New York Times reporter has in regards to the case of a former Senate Intelligence Committee staff member, James A. Wolfe. Before Wolfe's indictment, prosecutors on the case had secretly taken records that contained several years' worth of phone and email information from the reporter.

In response, New York Times employees took to Twitter as an outlet for their concerns, denouncing President Donald Trump's administration for taking away the freedom of the press. The case has upset many people, especially those that believe that the correspondences between journalists and their sources should be protected. 

While the New York Times reporter is being charged for making false statements, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also intent on pursuing journalists leaking classified information and putting an end to it. This is a controversial issue between journalists and the government, and as the Trump administration continues to try to control what journalists write, the public will continue to criticize the government's aggressive actions in doing so.

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