Countdown to the election - are you ready?

Now is the time to step up the sales effort


This will be an election like no other as the Covid crisis has forced us into remote work stations and candidates into dramatically different campaign strategies.  But that is just where the opportunity is for you as your impressive portfolio of products offer these candidates and campaigns a variety of ways to reach the people who will determine elections around the country.  Not just the headline-grabbing presidential election, but all the other races as well, including the local elections for sheriff, school board, town council, governors, state legislators – all the offices in your backyard where your newspaper has the most influence.


  • Pay attention to the political ads on TV, radio and social media.  Find the candidate or group airing the ad in our database. 
  • Make the calls – focus on the unique opportunities you offer.  Print yard signs if you can.  Print and deliver candidate direct mail pieces if you have the capability.  Send emails, use Facebook messenger or LinkedIn to reach candidates in a new way. 
  • Offer spadeas, front page sticky notes, ads on polybags if appropriate – all the things other media cannot touch.
  • Make sure your packages reflect the simplicity of buying that is so crucial to a successful sale. 
  •  TV will be big and probably sold out.  The commercials have been produced so why not run them on your website as part of the packages you offer?
  • Above all – focus on the fact that no other media delivers voters to the polls like you do. 


Now is the time to step up the sales effort so you are in a position to cash the checks as E-Day draws closer.


Working together we can make this your biggest political revenue year ever and the time to start making that happen is now.


Thanks and let us know how you’re doing.   Good selling.  jk


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