Sample letter requesting camera access to court


Looking for a sample letter asking for camera access to court hearings? Look no further.  NCPA General Counsel Amanda Martin of SMVT has prepared the following letter for members to use;



The Honorable ______________

________________ Court




            Re:      Case name and number


Dear Judge ________:

 I am a reporter for _____________, and I write to request camera access for the upcoming proceedings on [XYZ Date] in [Case Name].  As you know, Rule 15 of the North Carolina Rules of Court provides that subject to certain conditions, “Electronic media and still photography coverage of public judicial proceedings shall be allowed in the appellate and trial courts of this state.”  Certainly [newspaper name] commits to compliance with all the limitations set forth in the rules; [newspaper name] staff will strictly adhere to any directive you give related to their positioning within the courtroom; and the [newspaper] will be happy to serve as the pool representative as contemplated by the Rule.

I am happy to respond to any question you might have and can be reached by email at [email address] or on my cell phone [cell phone number]. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.

                                                             Very truly yours,