North Carolina Public Notices


The new North Carolina Public Notices website is now live!

Please read through this carefully as it contains the information you will need to upload your notices to the new site. 

Download User Guide

As described in the user guide above, there are two ways to upload to the website:

Method 1: 

Use this method if you would like to upload your text notices one-at-a-time using a cut-and-paste method with a form on the website. This method is best for those newspapers that only have a few notices to upload on a daily or weekly basis.

Step-by-step uploading instructions

Video demonstration of uploading

Method 2: 

Set up an XML or TXT feed to upload multiple text notices at one time to the server. Your feed must be in a very specific format. This method is best for newspapers with a large number of notices to upload on a daily basis and have developers to assist in setting up the feed.

Feed Specifications


Contact NCPA with any questions on log in or uploads. 

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