In the editorial pages of the Denver Post, a rebellion against its ‘vulture capitalist’ owners


The Denver Post is protesting against parent company Alden Global Capital for putting capital needs above Colorado's needs for reliable and accountable news. 

Today more than two dozen staffers will be fired in the latest round of newsroom layoffs that have dramatically reduced the number of current journalists at The Post. The editorial board filled opinion pages with strikes against Alden Global Capital for continual staff layoffs and lamented the future and quality of news if layoffs continue to happen at the cost of capital gains.

They demanded that Alden Global Capital reconsider its business strategy and priorities or sell The Denver Post to an owner that cares about journalism. The call to action even asked readers to demand the same.

Some fear that if things continue the way they have been, Denver will lose the paper entirely. But The Post is not giving up yet.

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