How local outlets are using Nextdoor to connect with their communities


A social network called Nextdoor is changing the relationship between newspapers and readers. Newspapers have used it to get photos of natural disasters when photographers can't get to the scene. Other papers have asked readers through Nextdoor how their paper can make the community a better place to live. ABC11 in Raleigh used the app to give people information about where to get free school supplies. 

Nextdoor is a local network that has users include their residencies in their profiles in order to participate. Users can only interact with people within close proximity and they can't see posts from users in other locations. The app intends to share useful information with the community such as recommending local businesses, sharing alerts about crime and asking questions about events.

Nextdoor collaborates with thousands of public agencies such as the National Weather Service to keep residents aware of all sorts of topics. It also partners with local newspapers, allowing them to directly speak with people and reach new audiences.

Nextdoor provides audience engagement for newspapers like never before. Most people on Nextdoor want information about their community and are already tuned in to newspapers, but the app goes a step further by allowing readers to engage more by giving tips and leads for stories and having the chance to give opinions for what stories newspapers should pursue. Nextdoor reinforces the idea that journalism is a public good and helps integrate news into communities in a natural way.

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