You're probably not quoting enough women. Let us help you


The days of women being underrepresented in the journalism field go back to its beginnings. While gender and race is not always represented enough in the people that work in the newsroom, the subjects that reporters rely on to give their stories information and quotes are lacking in diversity as well.

Journalists have realized that this is a problem and some have even reviewed their work, looking for gender bias and trying to minimize it going forward in their careers. They reach out to more women to use as sources and experts and have even relied on stories that completely depend on female sources. More and more reporters are using women as expert sources and are finding that the stories generated from solely female sources are just as successful as those that use male sources.

Databases have been created to help journalists seek out females and others that might be marginalized members in their community but are experts on certain topics. Columbia Journalism Review has started its own public database in the hopes that diverse sources will be able to tell a better story and reflect the readers' diversity as well.

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