U.S. news outlets, including WRAL sites, block European readers over new privacy rules


WRAL.com blocked European users from accessing its website on Friday, May 25 as the General Data Protection Regulation act came into effect. 

It is not just WRAL that is doing this. Capitol Broadcasting, a corporation that owns WRAL and its affiliates made the decision to block EU members from their sites, and other metro papers such as the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and the Arizona Daily Star are doing the same.

While to some it may look as if the news outlets do not want to comply with GDPR, which limits the amount of personal user data websites can collect, WRAL says otherwise.

WRAL sent out a statement that pops up each time the company detects an EU member using its site. The statement includes reasons why the company is blocking EU users for the time being and why it is taking compliance with GDPR seriously. At the end of the message, WRAL says it hopes to restore access for EU members in the future.

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