U.S. net neutrality rules expire, court battle looms


Net neutrality rules expired on Monday, June 11, allowing internet providers to have the power to block or ask those who want to use the internet to pay. Internet providers can even offer "paid prioritization" to some websites.

In December the Federal Communications Commission overturned the net neutrality rules that were made by the Obama administration that gave internet providers strict regulations to protect consumers. The FCC vote resulted in backlash from social media sites and other companies. 

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai maintains that internet access will be faster and cheaper because internet providers will be competing.

The House of Representatives is currently at a standstill about whether to overturn the FCC decision. The Senate is not in agreement with the House, but to restore net neutrality, the House and the Senate would have to vote in line with one another and President Donald Trump's signature would be needed.

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