Statement of ownership deadline is Oct. 1


Oct. 1 is the deadline for paid distribution newspapers to file the Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation form (PS Form 3526) with your postmaster.

Remember that paid electronic subscriptions may be included as circulation in postal statements. A paid subscriber, electronic or print, may only be counted once. A print subscriber with free access to the electronic version of your paper cannot be counted as a paid e-Subscriber. To be considered a paid electronic subscriber, the subscriber must pay more than a nominal rate for the subscription.

After filing, you must publish your statement according to the following timetable, depending on frequency of publication:

  • Publications issued more frequently than weekly should publish no later than Oct. 10. This applies to dailies, semi-weeklies and three-times-per-week publications.
  • Publications issued weekly, or less frequently, but not less than monthly, publish by Oct. 31. This applies to weeklies.
  • All other publications publish in the first issue after Oct. 1. This applies to infrequent publications such as quarterlies, bi-monthlies, etc.


For more information, go to the Domestic Mail Manual on