Newspapers cost more than twice as much today as they did a decade ago


No matter the news organization or the frequency, newspaper prices have increased. When looking at how much prices have increased for large papers from 2008 to 2016, the increases have been substantial. Daily home delivery prices have doubled while weekday prices have tripled. Print subscribers are paying $293 more a week for the same newspaper they used to buy for much cheaper.

Newspapers have increased prices at a higher rate than others. Some say this is irrational, especially as some prestigious papers are cheaper than their less notable counterparts are. This shows that some paper prices are not only influenced by market prices, but also by the cost it takes to produce the product and owner greed.

Higher prices are a result of the decline of print advertising, because now that advertisers don’t cover the cost of production the product itself has to cover the cost, which creates newspapers that cost hundreds of more dollars than they used to. But, this has led to surprising effects in subscription rates.

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