Mobile Sales: How to Find Success in the Digital Arena


Mobiles sales are a hot topic and many businesses are positioning themselves to be able to sustain this type of advertising into the future. This three-part series will take you through defining mobile, developing a plan for your business and putting the plan into action.

Session 1: Why Mobile And How Does My Newspaper Get There?

  • The case for mobile

  • How to get started

  • Defining goals, mission and audience

  • How to work with few resources

  • Pros and cons of third party products

Session 2: The Mobile Business And Product Sales Plan

  • Mobile ad growth opportunities

  • Who buys mobile and why

  • Where does mobile fit into ad agency and local buys

  • How to structure sales to sell mobile

  • How to price mobile

Session 3: Mobile Launch: Winning Strategies And Approaches

  • How to excite the sales force

  • Marketing message to advertisers

  • Successful mobile examples

  • What’s the next step

  • Keep focused; don’t launch and forget

Program previously held in 2012. Archive Viewing Fee: $99. Click here to register for this series archive. Please fill out the registration information at this link. If you participated in the live viewings, be sure to add in your discount code for free viewing. Once you complete the registration you will receive three links to view each of the archives.

Meet Your Instructor

John Reetz has a proven history of innovation, collaboration and successful leadership through growth and transitional periods, in both digital and print. Prior to founding JR Media Solutions Group in 2008, which grew into Media Solutions Partners in 2012, Reetz was founder and General Manager of COXnet, the Internet support and solutions group for 40-plus Cox Newspapers’ web sites.

At The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after a career as a reporter and editor, he created the News Operations Department, the first all-encompassing editing, design and operations team in the U.S. newspaper industry. Reetz was chairman of the Olympics Operations Committee, responsible for all planning for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

At MSP, he works with clients on content, technology, infrastructure, digital growth, paywall and a variety of other digital and print transition initiatives.