Knowing your customers - a 2019 priority


Newspapers need to know their customers in order to better serve them and make them want to keep reading. Successful businesses have an in-depth understanding of their customers and who they are, from their ages to their interests. Businesses who don’t get to know their customers, suffer for it by potentially turning them away.

One way newspapers can learn about their readers is sending out a survey that gathers information about readers’ demographics, lifestyle and interests. Most likely, consumers will be happy to fill out the survey because it will show your paper is interested in them. You can use this strategy to know more about the businesses who advertise with you, which will help understand how satisfied the businesses are about working with you. Customer experience analytics can also reveal live customer feedback about the services, products and information your paper provides. But, it doesn’t stop there. Once consumers provide feedback, use their suggestions to better your business.

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