Companies urged to extend GDPR privacy standards to U.S.


The General Data Protection Regulation act is in effect today, and Congress wants consumers in the U.S. to be treated the same way as European Union members will be treated with the new legislation. 

The GDPR act will treat consumer privacy more seriously than ever before and any member of the EU will now be able to better control what information data companies have about the consumer and how the data can be used for business purposes. This will change how targeted ads are used and how much data social media sites can collect from users. Consumers must give consent to their data being used before companies can use it, and they can revoke consent at any time.

Senate Democrats are trying to pass a resolution that will ask companies that are required to abide by the GDPR act to treat American consumers the same way as those in the EU. Advocacy groups are asking corporations to extend the use of GDPR in America. Microsoft plans on doing this, saying, "Companies like ours have a huge responsibility to safeguard the privacy of the personal data we collect and the data we manage for our commercial customers."

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