Posted: 11/15/21
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Rural Engagement Manager

Carolina Public Press
anywhere, North Carolina

Carolina Public Press seeks to hire a full-time independent contract Rural Engagement Manager to create and implement a community-based news distribution pilot program. While the manager will work with a news organization, previous newsroom or journalism experience is not a requirement.

With the Director of Audience and Engagement, the manager will help develop and operationalize an innovative program that will boost news and information distribution toward increasing civic engagement among rural residents. The work will target those who cannot either access or afford high-speed broadband. We envision the project utilizing a combination of no/low-tech community outreach methods and a texting platform to reach community members where they are, especially those people with no or very slow internet connections who rely on their phones for communications.

You’ll have an opportunity to think creatively, identify and propose solutions, devise processes, create goals, and tweak strategies and tactics to drive success. We’ll track process and results in order to share findings with our colleagues in journalism and others.

Be in touch and apply if you:

Can work effectively in teams, both as a leader and as a participant, on long-term projects.

Have proven experience in and knowledge of rural communities — lived, professional or otherwise.

Are highly organized and can look at a project, break it down into component tasks, and set and meet realistic deadlines.

Are innovative and can try, test, assess, tweak and iterate throughout a project. We are confident that this project will be successful, but we don’t expect every single idea to work. If it doesn’t, though, we need to know why and pivot quickly and creatively. You need to be comfortable within that environment and be able to quickly identify problems and make changes towards boosting chances of success.

Can track qualitative and quantitative results through narratives and data, and can work with the team to co-produce toolkits and white papers related to this pilot.

Have experience organizing communities and activating people around issues that are important to them, both in “real life” and digitally.

Have proven experience using digital tools and know how to use texting to communicate ideas and information.

Have a passion for public interest journalism, its role in the community, and experience writing in multiple ways.

Can work well with CPP team members to accept and contribute constructive ideas for the benefit of the organization and its audiences.

Understand basic grammar and spelling, and have the ability to edit your own work.

Are highly organized and interested in jumping into a high-performing news organization.

Not required, but bonus qualifications include any or all of the following:

Experience with Canva or another desktop design program.

Some experience up to fluency in Spanish.

Experience with building and implementing a texting campaign through a third-party software program, such as GroundSource.

You do not need previous journalism experience to apply. Relevant past experience may include political campaigns (of any party), community organizing, project management, community outreach and other experience. We know there are a lot of other skills and assets that may make this program successful that we may not be thinking of. If you think that’s you, please apply!

The manager will report to Director of Audience and Engagement Ellen Acconcia, and work closely with both the Director and Executive Director Angie Newsome. Remote candidates living anywhere in North Carolina will be accepted, and depending on your location, office space in the main office in Asheville is available. We especially encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply, including women, people of color, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.

This is a one-year independent contractor position, with an expectation of 40 hours of work per week or an equivalent. Compensation depends on your experience. However, someone who is highly successful in this work may be considered for a contract extension or staff position with additional responsibilities at the conclusion of the contract.

To Apply:

Questions? Contact Executive Director Angie Newsome at If you’re ready to go ahead and apply, email a cover letter, your resume and an example of your writing (300 words or less) to

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