Webinar: Legal requirements for newspapers in data breaches and cyber-attacks


Any newspaper, regardless of size, subscriber base or location can become a victim of a “Cyber- Attack” or "Data Breach.” Breaches can create fundamental threats to how you conduct and manage your business with your subscribers, employees, suppliers and others.

Are you aware:
•What is a data breach?
• What are the legal requirements if you suffer a data breach?
• What is my states specific law regarding who must be notified and how?
• Do you have to notify state authorities?
• Who will you call to assist me with a breach and my state's legal           requirements?
• What obligations do you have to your subscribers, employees and vendors?
• How much can it cost in dollars and time to correct?

The North Carolina Press Association, in conjunction with Affinity Group Underwriters, is offering a 30 minute educational webinar to provide answers to these and other pertinent questions. The webinar will be offered two times.
•Thursday, February 23 - 2:00 – 2:30 PM
•Thursday, March 2 – 2:00 – 2:30

Sessions are limited to the first 45 participants. To reserve your space at one of the two sessions contact:
Laura Nakoneczny
Member Services Director