Tronc changing name back to Tribune Publishing


Tronc owns some of the nation's largest metropolitan newspapers. It was named Tronc for more than two years. On Oct. 11 the company will be named to what it used to be: Tribune Publishing Co. Its stocks will be labeled TPCO beginning Oct. 12.

The name "Tronc" debuted July 2016 after Michael Ferro became its largest shareholder. Tribune Publishing was its predecessor when the company formed in 2014. 

“We are excited about the company rebranding to Tribune Publishing,” spokeswoman Marisa Kollias said in a statement. “It’s a nod to our roots, and a reinforcement of the journalistic foundation on which all of our news brands stand.”

Patrick Soon-Shiong, a partial owner of Tronc favors the name change. “I don’t call it Tronc,” he said. “I can’t stand that word.”

Some say that the company is rebranding itself because due to interest in its acquisition. McClatchy and the Donerail Group might be potential buyers, but no one has commented on the matter.