Revenue wrap up: Donors, fees and more


The Innovation In Focus summer series explored emerging and unique revenue streams being utilized by local newsrooms in the United States. These ranged from The Colorado Sun’s ad-free membership model and KPCC’s LAist use of Kickstarter to the Tyler Loop’s live events and Red Clay Media’s video driven revenue brands.

In addition to the revenue efforts we explored, there are many other less traditional revenue models for journalism to consider if your newsroom is looking for new revenue ideas. 

For example, The Texas Tribune is in the early process of exploring fiscal sponsorship opportunities, which is a version of the transaction fee model. A transaction fee is when one party charges another a fee to complete a deal, such as the fee ticket vendors charge when handing ticket sales. The Tribune is working with a documentary filmmaker who shares in the organization’s values and mission, according to Rodney Gibbs, their chief product officer.

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