Partnership Packages Now Available


We're not in the business of selling booths or tables. We're more interested in creating a meaningful relationship with 10-12 companies who feel a full-year marketing partnership aimed at our members would be mutually beneficial.

Because our members only gather once each year, let's kick things off at Winter Institute. March 9-10 in Raleigh, where you can interact with more than 350 journalists, advertising reps,  and decision-makers during a two-day educational program featuring leading national presenters, and our annual advertising and editorial awards ceremonies.

While we're happy to provide you a table then, we would much rather provide you meaningful introductions to the folks you want to meet. And, rather than just going away when the event ends (after paying $500 for a table some places), we want to keep working with you. That's right: we want to devote our attention to you for a full-year in order to help your business grow.

So yeah. We could be selling $500 tables and tickets to dinner. But not we know we can do so much more.

Think you deserve our time and energy? Want a dedicated marketing partner aligned with NC's newspapers?

Click on the link to the complete brochure (under "Attachments") or contact NCPA Member Services Director Laura Nakoneczny at (919) 516-8015.