News & Record cuts 36 jobs, makes changes


The News & Record announced Monday it has cut 36 staff positions and plans to make changes in the print newspaper to streamline operations in response to market changes.

The News & Record’s changes, which begin later this week, “will help us re-position the newspaper so that we continue each day to provide a compelling news and information report,” the company said in a news release.

The changes, which are driven by efficiencies in production, will include:

  • Consolidating the Monday, Tuesday and Saturday papers into two sections.
  • Adding a fourth section to the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday papers.
  • Merging all news coverage on Sundays into one section and moving the weekly Politics page into Ideas, which will be packaged behind the News & Record’s news coverage.
  • Consolidating Community News coverage with a higher profile on Fridays and Sundays.
  • Eliminating the Op-Ed page in the Monday paper.
  • Eliminating the daily TV grid, the horoscope and other select features.
  • Cutting four pages from the weekly TV section.

“We recognize not all these changes will be embraced by every reader, but the News & Record has served Greensboro for more than 125 years,” the company said in its statement. “The community has changed, and so has the N&R. We will continue to provide robust coverage of news, sports, features and opinion that best serve our customers in both the print and digital realms.”

The News & Record was one of several papers in the BH Media Group to announce reductions Monday. BH Media CEO Terry Kroeger said the company eliminated 289 jobs at several properties, 108 of which were vacant.

“We are experiencing a critical moment for our future,” Kroeger said. “Our print enterprise, which clearly remains a fundamental part of our business and a fundamental journalistic institution, has suffered greatly from the growing popularity of the digital environment. Specifically, our regional and national advertising customers are being hurt by the tremendous growth of online retailers, and this has caused them to cut back on their print advertising spending.”