NC Local News Summit: The Power of Many

NC Local News Summit: The Power of Many
January 13, 8:30 - 1:00
The aims: Bringing people together in support of local news, helping people make and renew connections, and then doing four meaty, participatory breakouts (each with a facilitator or two) on big questions facing local news.
We’ve invited: journalists, news leaders, journalism educators, funders, people from related nonprofits/ community orgs, and people from journalism support organizations
It’s a half-day session Jan. 13, 8:30-1, with Part One including some talks from people doing transformative work (Les High will be one of them), and part two breaking the group into four breakout workshop sessions. These WON’T be panel discussions; instead, they’re meant as mini-workshops with people sharing substantively on things they’re doing and brainstorming together on challenges.
Here’s the Eventbrite invitation.
And here’s the event page, which will be updated as we add speakers and program details.