It's NCPA contest time!


Are you ready for some awards?   Let's do this!     Once again it is time for one of the biggest newspaper contests in the country - and the best if you ask us. Definitely better than whatever they do down in SC.   We'll have thousands of entries judged by the New Jersey Press Association and will give out hardware in Raleigh on March 21st at the Winter Convention.   We have rules attached here and you can also find them on the contest website at 

A note on our contests - many of the questions are answered in the rules packet. Take time to read them. If you don't find your answers after reading the rules packet, give us a call.  We'd love to hear from you but really, read the rules first. 

New for 2018
We have condensed and reorganized the rules packet. We have one packet for editorial and one for advertising. The categories remain unchanged, they are grouped together for a better flow and, hopefully you'll agree, are easier to follow along.

Before entering we request you send in a statement of ownership, required to be published by October, or a current audited report verifying your total circulation. This will determine your division. Send that to While you are attaching forms - send us a current rate card at the same time. It's easy, click attach files, find your rate card and the circulation report and hit send.

General Excellence Winners in each division will be awarded based on a combination of 50% judged category results based on quality of production, writing, sections, design, front page and editorial page (75 points to 1st place, 50 points to 2nd place and 25 points to 3rd place) and 50% point system for awards won in the editorial contest (5 points for each 1st place, 3 for each 2nd place and 1 for each third place). The points will be added up to determine the GE winner.

In recognition of the work of journalist Mark Binker the NCPA board of directors has renamed the Public Notice Award in Mark Binker’s memory.

NCPA hands out special awards (and fancy plaques) at our banquet. Please consider them this year as you put together your entries: Public Service, Community Service, Hugh Morton Photographer of the Year, Mark Binker Public Notice, Green-Rossiter Award for Distinguished Newspaper Work in Higher Education Reporting, Media and the Law Awards of Excellence, Henry Lee Weathers Freedom of Information Award.

Don't forget the William C. Lassiter First Amendment Award. Send in your nominations for a citizen – not a member of NCPA – who has worked to keep government open and accessible to citizens and the press, and who actively defends the principles of the First Amendment and the public’s right to know. Their contribution may come from any field such as business, government, education, research, science, art or literature.

As always NCPA members must be in good standing (dues paid) to be eligible for the contest.

Good luck. Read the rules, go to and upload your winners. Book March 21-22 in your calendars for the NCPA Winter Convention. We are going to beat the record crowds that have attended the last two years and want you to be a part of it.

Advertising Rules 

Editorial Rules