How news organizations can guide through the "information jungle"


Researchers have found that readers think they have too much information when they go to the news. They need to sift through the information to find the content that is most interesting. On the other hand, participants of color said the media had gaps in its coverage of minorities. 

Coupled with local news, national news makes it even harder for readers to keep up with what is going on. Some readers solve that problem by relying on social media platforms such as Facebook to keep them constantly updated or subscribing to daily newsletters that feature the most important news events of the day.

Newspapers were not readers' top go-to source, but many said they would be more inclined to read them if they were free and readable in 10 minutes.

Research suggests that the most successful information providers will be able to assist in organizing information that helps people navigate the "information jungle" and easily identify information that will be most relevant for them. 

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