Summer Reading Program 2012


Public libraries across the nation work together in support of summer reading through the Collaborative Summer Library Program. To find out about DREAM BIG, READ and other ideas for the 2012 program, visit: To identify the representative for your state to contact about summer reading, check "membership" on the website.

The N.C. Press Foundation offers 16 features for newspapers to publish in their newspapers, in print and online. Libraries may also distribute the features. Newspapers should work with their public libraries to determine the most effective ways to use the features. Many newspapers also publish schedules of special events held in the libraries to encourage reading and/or serial stories that include information about the summer reading program.

The Table of Contents lists all titles, indicates difficult activities and acknowledges the team who worked on the features. Thanks to CSLP for sharing its logo, available only for use in the features produced by Newspapers in Education. Note that no one can use the logo or any of CSLP's art without written consent.

Sandra Cook, NCPF, NIE wrote the features. Thanks to Crystal Willis, Production Manager, Carteret County News-Times, Morehead City, NC for designing the features and Mary Miller (New York News Publishers Association) and Dawn Kitchell (Missouri Press Foundation) for helping with graphics and editing.

To support your public libraries and summer reading, the N.C. Press Foundation and Newspapers in Education offer the features for your use. Choose among those offered to serve your library and your newspaper and promote reading on which both depend.

Table of Contents

  1. Play with Words
  2. Learn about Dreaming
  3. Dare to Dream
  4. What's the Thought?
  5. Build a Home
  6. Furnish Your Room
  7. Make Connections
  8. Go Places
  9. Be the Best
  10. Learn about Places to Live
  11. Build a Dream Team
  12. Build a Neighborhood
  13. Live the Dream
  14. Judge Character
  15. Get the SMART Card (N.C.)
  16. Get a Library Card