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Date posted: 9/19/17

Government Reporter
News & Record
Greensboro, North Carolina

Full-time government and politics reporter who main function is to explain the issues that will affect readers’ lives and the forces that determine those issues. Will serve as the newsroom’s lead reporter during election season and be responsible for a variety of assignments. Will cover government bodies at the state, county and city level. Must be a leading contributor to Greensboro.com with articles, blogs, video and other visuals; be a staff leader in the use of social media and digital tools; and write hard news, investigative stories, analyses, features and commentary. Will be required to appear on camera for video and live interviews.


Write breaking news, analysis and enterprise stories with equal ease and distinction.

Work on a variety of stories at once and juggle assignments of various complexities.

Travel to Raleigh routinely to attend governmental and political events and monitor legislative activities remotely as necessary.

Increase our online presence by posting content to www.greensboro.com, by using social media such as Facebook and Twitter and by maintaining a blog.

Be able to assemble, analyze and report from various databases, including voter registration, campaign contributions and other financial topics.

Write with authority, insight and perspective.

Work efficiently and productively, producing content in a timely fashion for peak digital audience.

Easily generate story ideas.

Work successfully in a team environment.

Work a flexible schedule that will include night and weekend assignments.

On-site, regular and reliable attendance is required.

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Greensboro, North Carolina

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